Term used to describe corporate management when they ban together to tour a floor of a department store. Refers to the way that they gawk at workers from a distance as if on, Safari.
"Oh God here comes the Safari, look busy until they pass us by."
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作者 Pascalle 2008年6月19日
Best software on Earth.
Damn Internet Explorer broke again.
Better use Safari.
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作者 CharlieZ 2007年10月23日
a web browser only available for macs which is much faster than firefox or internet explorer for mac. tabbed browsing and the metal brush skin of safari makes it very easy to view multiple pages without having multiple windows, saving on cpu space
stebbo: hey man i know firefox rules but safari is also free and its got more features
kittychan: lol ive used it for years firefox sucks and i would never use ie because it does not conform to industry standards so it never works with more advanced websites
#safari #internet #firefox #browser #web
作者 stebbo 2006年8月29日
Apples attempt at a browser, not bad but gets annoying pop ups and isn't too fast and can crash. Equivalent to Firefox for the PC, except for Mac.
I was using Safari but i want a browser that isn't filled with i pod ads, so i got Firefox.
#apple #mozilla firefox #prep #mac #jazz
作者 SiLENCE'R 2006年11月22日


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