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A Schnookums, put simply, is a person that is everything that's good in the world, and nothing that's bad.

That's all it is...
Charlotte is such a schnookums! That's all she is!
作者 And 2003年9月20日
A silly, cutesy name used to show affection to people and pets. It is especially overly used with boyfriends and tiny dogs.
My chihuahua Fluffy is the sweetest schnookums in the world.
作者 anonymooseeh 2006年11月13日
A person or object that is incredibly cute or adorable.
Hey schnookum, you look so cute I could just eat you up.
作者 LeHommardDuMaine 2011年5月23日
A word to describe a person that you love more than they love you.
"Hi <boyfriend/girlfriend> You are so totally my schnookums, I am completely in love with you"

Answer-"I only want you for sex and money"
作者 sillynote 2009年11月16日
CURTIS, The sweetest and cutest person ever!
Curtis is my schnookums
作者 Lisa 2003年11月28日
^ this is the dumbest thing I've seen on here
作者 Anonymous 2003年2月26日
german dogs playing snooker while cuming.
bruno played snooker while jacking off/schnookums, past. schnookumed.
作者 seamus mulholland 2008年1月12日


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