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to be intoxicated to the point where you can't be anymore messed up without passing out. Synonyms: Drunk, fucked up, trashed, blazed, melted, stoned, malted, smashed, half dead.
me: Yo did you like drinking that steel reserve after that phattie?
josh: word man, im scorched
作者 youchoose 2004年1月01日
to verbally burn someone to a devastating degree
Eva: Elisa, your eyebrows look like birds, one day they are going to get up and fly away.
Braden: Scorched!
Elisa: I hate you guys
作者 boybraden 2014年12月21日
basically high as fuck to the point that you shit yourself and dont care
FUCK!! im scorched this is good shit
作者 jdewitt97 2010年5月18日
The act of being hot and thirsty at the same time.
As we walked down the avenue during the heat of the day, I shouted to my friends,"I'm so scorched." When the laughter subsided, I explained that I was so hot and thirsty, scorched, you know.
作者 Pattism 2013年5月19日
A hot, sexy piece of ass
Wow, he must be scorched!
作者 Ryan 2004年4月17日
the state of being high on marijuana
"dude you're so scorched"
作者 slangdefined 2016年5月18日


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