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To put "shit on toast" is an expression used to describe nothing or nothing desirable. Similar to jack shit or if there was indeed a culinary dish with shit or faeces on warm breed it would be considered undesirable by most.
Jack: "What is for dinner love?".
Jill: "Shit on toast!"
#jack shit #crap on toast #sweet fuck all #nada #diddly squat
作者 Lucasheights 2009年2月11日
Extremely hung over, often with alcohol seeping from pores and a general feeling of repulse.
I'm shit on toast after that bottle of scotch and pack of Styvo's I had last night.
#shit #on #toast #hangover #gross #alcohol
作者 bbones 2009年10月25日
To put "shit on toast" is an expression of how awesome something is. When you really like something - a song, for example - it is your "jam." And what do we do with jam? We put it on toast. As a result, anything awesome is shit put on toast.
Did you see that one-armed clown riding the unicycle over that pile of puppies?

Hells yes! I put that shit on TOAST!
#shit on toast #jam #putting shit on toast #toast #put shit on toast #my jam
作者 squeakykiwi 2006年10月28日
When somebody will not leave you alone. Refering to the gravy in Shit on a Shingle ( Creamed Beef on Toast )
Man, that guy is on me like shit on toast.
#shit on toast #shit on a shingle #pest #creamed beef on toast #stuck
作者 ekn 2006年4月13日
an over clocked cpu cooled by liquid nitrogen
my shit on toast scored 33k 3dmark01
作者 mojo 2004年7月25日


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