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Something that went wrong or something that happened and was extremely shitty
Getting your dick caught in the toaster is shitacular.
作者 Matt 2003年4月17日
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An event that is spectacularly shit.
"The carnival at Sittingbourne last year was shitacular".
作者 zwavoo 2007年9月09日
adj. Used to describe an event that is astoundingly shitty.
I sat on the train at Disneyland for a shitacular 3 hours.
作者 Spike76 2007年9月03日
spectaculary shitty
having a shitacular day
作者 aurora20217 2008年9月07日
something like spectacular, only in a bad way.
Did you hear about the guys on "Jackass" doing that new stunt that left one with no arms and the other in a coma? Yeah, it was quite shitacular.
作者 afoxybitch 2013年6月03日
So spectacular, that you can actually shit your pants
Man, that movie was shitacular!
作者 Cecille Gooch 2010年3月14日



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