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Shmang is the combination of two slang words for sex. "Smash" and "bang"
Joe : Did you have sex with that fat chick last night?
Bob : Not only did I have sex with her, I shmanged the sh*t out of her!
作者 mindwarped 2011年3月07日
having intense sex while smashing and banging
last night me and my girlfriend totally shmanged
作者 devastetator 2011年10月13日
an undefined amount of grime that appears on clothes, skin etc especially after eating crisps or saucy foods.
Everytime I leave the cinema my hands are always covered in shmang.
作者 Nick Flanagan 2007年12月17日
To have such amazing sex with some one that you are smashing and banging them at the same time.
"That lady is so fine, i just want to shmang her till the sun rises, then sets."

"Oh my god, he shmanged me so good last night."

"So i was shmanging this girl behind the club and she was so drunk that she doo-dooed all over herself, i think i did a damn good job.
作者 drosaveahoe 2012年8月18日
The act of fucking women like cattle.
You ever see cows Shmang?
作者 Cown 2016年7月09日


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