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A cross between, or combined use of, shanking and spanking. Usually performed during or after a sexual encounter; in most cases by accident, however, some are out of anger or disappointment at a preceding exchange of sex that just occurred and left one or both participants unhappy and unsatisfied. A person may shpank their partner by spanking them with the sharp end of a knife, thus stabbing them in the butt, and leaving for an incredibly awkward and painful night. A shpank can also be performed on accident by an attempted shanking that missed, due to confusion of butt location due to saggy pants.
Ouch, my girlfriend shpanked me last night and it hurts when I sit down or poop.
#stab #spank #shank #butt stab #sex knife
作者 Fart McBitch 2009年8月20日
Another word for "Thanks" , usually said by teenage girls . Shpanks is just a more fun/cool way of saying "Thanks" .
Kelly : " Your shirt is so cute!! "
Ray : " Shpanks girl ! :) "
#thanks #nice #kind #generous #respectful
作者 JustinBieberLoverxoxo 2011年2月27日
Stupid way to say the word spank, which means to beat someone up. This is one of the 4 main words that people say with a Sh sound instead of a S sound, for no apparent reason.
Zack tried to front on Leonardo but my dude Leo shpanked that boy!
#shmacked #smacked #shpank #spank #shum #some #shun #son
作者 The Bx41 2012年9月18日
thanks, usually said by teenage girls
Shpanks for the cookies.
#thanks #welcome #sanks #shanks #spanks
作者 selkie grrrl 2011年11月07日


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