hokkien term for bored.
So sian!!! let's go and watch a show!
作者 monster ru 2004年11月06日
Also Spelt Sharn.
si-an is a slang MSN term
for big chin
it also consists of a bob blonde boy cut
and 'thinking your indie'
Taking wrongly Shaped bebo photos covering your massive chin.
-whos? got a si-an?-
-looks at bebo picture-
-massive chin-
作者 Dropdeadchloe 2008年1月14日
Severe cock tease, she'll pull you off on a firt date, but won't let you come until the second.
Sian is mean ith her hands, but a total fucking cock tease.
作者 lost_and_found 2005年1月31日
A silly looking bird
"yo, look at that sian over there in the pond"
作者 Soul'd Out 2007年11月12日
Derived from "Sianus" meaning "emo"
"you don't understand me!", "oh stop being so sian"
作者 Wikki 2005年4月26日
Slore personnified, she is literrally going to fuck through a group of mates
That bitch Sian cant keep her legs closed
作者 Gimmick 2005年3月20日


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