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An abbreviation of 'sick in my mouth'.
'Oh my God, don't look. The guy I kissed last night is over there... He was such a bad kisser, he makes me simm.'
作者 Letsplayalovegame 2009年8月28日
someone who is ethnically confused.
A fucking tool.
SSGt Christopher Simms, USMC
作者 basterdchildrenofthewing 2010年3月08日
Single In-Line Memory Module. A type of RAM module. Older and less efficient than DIMM.
I yanked out 4 8mb SIMMs out of my old PC.
作者 Freddie_Mercury 2005年1月02日
Shit In My Mouth
The only thing that film was lacking is a SIMM scene.
作者 goobertron3 2011年1月20日
Sometimes referred to as the 7th layer of hell, Simms is a small town in Montana. Inhabited by drunkards and racist hillbillies, it is advised to never enter unless you plan on hitting up a clan rally. The High School is run by a fucktard nazi, and the town is run by a cavalcade inbred douchenozzles.
What, you live in Simms? Please don't talk to me, as I am not a racist asshole.
作者 killaavenged 2012年11月06日
A person who is dizzy(drunk).
Think you should be driving your pretty simms.
作者 CrazyCheesyChester 2010年5月21日
A pimp that goes to Aquinas
作者 Simm 2003年10月26日


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