Role playing game by Bethesda for the 7th generation of consoles and PC. Fifth installment in the Elder Scrolls series.

One of the most overrated games of all time, the game features little excitement as long tedious walks are interrupted by one of the most awful combat mechanics ever seen in a video game. These are trends also seen in other Bethesda games, although which usually have a more interesting setting (see Fallout or Morrowind for example). Skyrim is bland and one-dimensional, having a selling point of a large world, albeit uninteresting, ugly to look at and mostly empty stretches of land anyway.

As typical as a fantasy RPG can get, expect loads of skeletons, dragons, mages, dungeons (how many times have we seen this before?).

The game offers no innovation and brings nothing new to the already crowded table of fantasy role playing games, a space already infested with other Bethesda titles.

Buggy and messy, the game has a huge following on PC because of the modding community, further proof that it was the fanbase that fixed most of the problems of the game, and Bethesda still gets all your money.

Absolutely disgusting piece of software.
Person 1 : "Skyrim sucks"

Person 2: "Play it on PC with mods, you idiot"

Person 1: "A good game should be able to stand alone. Mods from the community should be a bonus. When will people realize that Bethesda is making loads of money from having modders fix their s****y games for free?"
作者 deadbunny97 2016年9月07日
The act of getting a rimjob on a plane. Similar to the mile high club.
"Dude my girl and I just played skyrim on our flight from Miami!"
作者 Styx Devito 2015年7月01日
Giving a rim job on an airplane.
"Hey Patrick, how did your flight go?"
"It was great! Joined the mile high club, and gave John a Skyrim."
作者 Raxim 2014年8月28日
Where any belligerent, obnoxious male tool goes through the process to bro-verload their truck with absurd rims, almost as if to reach the sky. This attempted form of showing off finesse yield no success nor results towards attracting members of the opposite sex; only their gay selves.
Bro: Instead of stocking up on Birkenstock sandals, Tapout, and my knack of always wearing sunglasses indoors/outdoors/day/night, I invested in giving my truck skyrims.

Dude: Kill yourself.
作者 Sir Flavour 2012年1月01日
A game made by Bethesda Shitworks in 2011.

It's about a Swedish nigga who runs around killing dragons
"Damn I was-a playing Skyrim last-a night-a and I found-a one hundred dragon souls"
作者 poopookid 2014年11月02日
A rim-job given on an airplane
I gave Tommy a Skyrim on our flight from London to Singapore.
作者 Zweifel8 2012年1月09日
A sexual act wherein the anus and asscrack are slathered in marshmallow fluff prior to a rim job
She wanted some s'mores, I wanted a rim job, so I compromised by letting her give me a Skyrim.
作者 mosshollow 2011年12月09日


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