Verb - Taking a break from an activity to grab a smoke and take a pee (not necessarily at the same time.)
After banging this hot dude, I wanted to go for round two, but he said he needed a break to smee first.
#smoke #pee #piss #break #leak
作者 feefteetwoo 2011年12月08日
Acronym for Straight Air Motor Car Electric-Pneumatic Emergency. This was the braking system used on the NYC IRT subway cars until the 1960's.
One of the SMEE cars was the R36, also known as the Worlds Fair car and later the redbird.
#amue #irt #nycta #worlds fair #subway #r36
作者 Jean Shpherd K2ORS SK 2010年10月21日
A girl that is considered a hoe or whore
Quay loves to go to 172nd to find a smee for that night.
#smut #hoe #whore #smeee #sme
作者 LaMesha 2007年11月07日
As the great L.M. Montgomery deemed it, smee is a word that describes a cat's presence, appearance, and feel, similar to words such as 'cuddly', 'cute', 'soft' etc.
My cat is very smee. I love him.
作者 Dae 2004年1月13日
Noun. A term used to refer to the condition when one's shirt rises, exposing their stomach for the world to see. Most common with babies, people with beer guts, and pregnant women. Taken from the Disney movie, Peter Pan, in reference to how Mr. Smee wore his shirt during the cartoon.
1. Your baby has such a fat gut he's got a smee!
2. Kay was so far along in her pregnancy that she was sporting a total smee!
#mr. smee #beer gut #baby bump #shirt #gut
作者 Bry's Vajana 2009年2月12日
to smoke weed. combine = smee
to smoke marijuana/blunt/bong/pipe/hookah is to smee
im about to go smee
im gonna go smee a couple bowls
#smee #marijuana #pipe #bong #blunt #hookah
作者 ISP 2008年3月04日
The act of smoking weed and proceeding to see a movie.
We are going to smee pineapple Express
#smoke #see #movie #shmee #high
作者 J-Dizzle_Fo_Shizzle 2009年12月04日


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