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Snank - A snuff-wank. The ultimate extreme self pleasure activity. This can involve knocking one out after taking a lethal overdose or if you are more adventurous, when skydiving without a parachute.
Boy: Oh my God mummy, why is that man touching himself in the lion enclosure?

Mother: Cover your eyes my dear, this could very well be a snank.
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作者 Doubledex 2011年8月10日
A nicer word for stealing
"Woah dude where the hell's my ipod?"
"That bro totally snanked that from you."

"Dude let's take that skateboard"
"Naw man I'm not into snanking wal-mart boards"
#steal #rob #swindle #nag #loot #lift #chore
作者 Sweet Tony 2010年1月04日
A person, usually a woman, who is both snarky and skanky. A combination of the terms snark and skank.
Person 1: How was your date?

Person 2: I had a good time but I'm not sure about her.

Person 1: What was she like?

Person 2: She was intelligent and a smart ass so she was pretty much a snark in that regard and I liked that. But she was also kind of slutty and pretty much a skank in that regard. I can't decide. Overall she was a snank.
#snark #skank #slut #smart ass #woman
作者 divadoll 2010年1月16日
Another word for slut
"Did you see her, all over my boyfriend last night?"
"What a snank"
#snank #slut #skank #whore #floozy
作者 Breeniebaby 2010年1月07日
an eejit. someone you don't like.
"oh jim you're such a snank"
作者 molisholis 2005年6月03日


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