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A combination of snow and mud, that usually accumulates in the wheel wells of cars. A favourite pastime in Canada is to go out and kick the snuds off cars to hear the plop sound.
Let's go snudding, eh?
作者 EJL 2003年12月05日
another name for testicles
"any more of his cheek and i've have him a kick in the snuds!"
#testicles #bollocks #nuts #nads #balls
作者 bampop 2008年4月23日
Noun - A shortening of snuddle which is the combination of snuggle and cuddle.
I feel lazy this morning, let's stay in bed and have some snuds.
#snuddle #cuddle #snuggle #cuggle #snugs
作者 Bugget2501 2010年8月24日
A trifecta of farts, performed in succession. A snud can be SBD or with a melody - it doesn't matter - as long as three farts are executed. A snud typically closely precedes a trip to the potty.
Dude - that was a wicked snud! You smell like a sewer!
#fart #air biscuit #rectal music #expulsion of butt air #poo preceder
作者 Son of Dr. Detroit 2010年1月24日
snow and the salt/sand mixture on the roads and sidewalks
I tracked snud into the house.
#snow #mud #slush #sludge #winter
作者 Wisconsin-woman 2011年1月29日
To get fucked up beyond belief.
:Damn I feel rough today.
:Me to, I got fuckin' Snu'd lastnight.
作者 pikeore 2004年5月02日


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