Another word for hard liquor. Commonly used by teens so that people don't know that they are talking about alcohol, so that they don't get in trouble.
hey bitch! lets go pick up a homeless guy and get him to buy us some soap.
作者 SoapKing 2007年10月17日
Sex on a Pancake!
Meaning something very very good.
That guy is very Soap
作者 Soap 2004年11月23日
Some soaps are crap but some are good.
good soaps:Coronation Street

Crap soaps:Hollyoaks
作者 psycho bitch 2004年2月25日
Another slang word for marijuana.
When crusing backroads and your stoner buddy busts out some weed in which he recently put through the washer and attempts to lightit up in your car creating a wonderful smell of tide in your vehicle, one should yell out,
"Who is smokin the soap?"
作者 Smurlman G 2007年8月10日
A girl who is fat enough that her body might better be used as the main component of a common hygenic brick known as soap.
Hey Joe, check out the fat bich on the left. That soap could clean an entire gymnasium.
作者 Old Greg Mother Licker 2008年4月10日
slang for large amounts of drugs
i've gotta go to the grocery store to buy some soap
作者 saringe 2003年8月19日
To be great or excellent. somewhat like the slang term dope but with a 'so' added. Also makes reference to the slang term clean.
this) Thats so dope its clean.
or) Soap.
作者 fishbone 2005年1月09日


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