1. person with no intellectual capacity.
2. person incapable of fore thought.
3. useless, tiresome & sad individual.
4. worthless human
man, you are a fuckin' SPAK
#idiot #shithead #fuckface #asshole #turd
作者 Dev_knows 2006年5月11日
Top Definition
A spastic, someone who acts like a fuckin retard
作者 Phil Gregory 2003年7月07日
Spak is when you take roman noodles and put them in a persons asshole. While in the persons asshole light it on fire. While it is on fire, the men need to put an ice cube in there pee hole. You will need at least 100 men to do this. After they all had sex with the person, wait 2 minutes for the water and seamen to boil. Once it starts to boil put in the seasoning. Now that it is ready, sit down and eat it.
Person: Hey, you want to spak?

You: No, I still have scares from the last time!

Person: Come on, please?

You: Well, I am hungry
#pee hole #asshole #seamen #sex #penis
作者 BallseyJones 2010年2月21日
To SPAK = to spank, to speak, to spunk.


Orgin: Pelhamds, Upgradecap and some other spakker.

I SPAKED Him hard.
#spak #spakker #spaking #spaked ##yolospak
作者 Pelhamds 2013年3月29日
An intense and rapid form of masturbation.
Extreme version of Fapping
"My arm hurts so much"

"Thats what you get for spaking so hard"
#spaking #spaked #spaker #spack #spac
作者 CEll7 2012年2月26日
Slang for a spastic, originated from the leet version of Spastic.
Tony Blair is such a spak.
作者 Muhammed Rashib 2004年7月02日
A general term of endearment that is short for raspak, which in turn is short for respect. An adjective given to anything that gains the slightest bit of approval of one who understands the complexity of the adjective itself.
Yo man that joke was/had spak.

That shirt is/has more spak than me.
#respect #spakk #spaller #gangsta #admiration
作者 moneyy$$ 2011年10月07日


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