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Someone who will blow your mind - in and out of bed.
"I need me some Squeaky. She's out of this world!"
作者 blue lagoon 67 2008年10月29日
Something that is described as really clean. Short for squeaky clean.
Dag! His house be squeaky! Everytime I visit that cat it be squeak top to bottom.
作者 Remy Rem 2008年1月15日
A troll like girl that spreads herpes
Man don't hit that, she's a squeaky
作者 Feraferocis 2011年1月05日
A rag that used to be a toy hedgehog with a squeak. Lacks stuffing. Limbs are hanging off buy threads. The owner believes squeaky is a living being with feelings and thoughts.
Péter: You made squeaky upset! Say sorry to squeaky!
作者 Igg 2003年8月16日
Squeaky is the best hedgehog in the world, though equal to smelly.

Is hated by Ildiko.
I love squeaky
作者 squeaky 2004年2月14日
masturbation of male/female genitals; jack off, flick the bean
squeaky is shiznit mayn

she squeakied when her parents weren't home
作者 Stubby Timmy 2005年9月29日


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