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The captain of the most successful team in Britain, Liverpool F.C. Captained his team in the Champions League Final 2005 against AC Milan, leading them to victory in the greatest game ever. Stevie G lifted the fifth European Cup for his club, which is now for keeps! Contrary to popular belief, Steven Gerrard is better than Frank Lampard. Steven Gerrard gives his all every game unlike Frank Lampard. Motivates his team, often having to inspire his team to victory unlike Lampard. Stevie G produces the most amazing goals unlike Lampard who often takes credit for scoring deflected goals. Steven Gerrard is a LEGEND.
We won it at Wem-ber-ly
We' won it in Gay Paris
In 77 and '84 it was Rome
We've won it five times
We've won it five ti-i-imes
In Istanbul, we won it five times
When Emlyn lifted it high
He lit up the Roman sky
Thommo in Paris and Souness did it as well
We've won it five times
We've won it 5 ti-i-imes
In Istanbul, we won it five times
At Wembley we won it at home
Took 26,000 to Rome
20,000 to Paris when we won it again
We've won it five times
We've won it five ti-i-imes
In Istanbul, we won it five times
Steven Gerrard's eyes lit up
As he lifted the European Cup
21 years and now its coming back home
We've won it five times
We've won it five ti-i-imes
In Istanbul, we won it five times
作者 YNWA 2006年4月19日
Steve Gerrard is the best all-round football player in the world at the moment. Nobody else combines defensive skills and attacking strength as he does so is therefore one of the few players who are actually priceless, even Chelsea not being able to get their grubby mits on him. Unbelieveable inspiration when the captain too, leading the way to two cup final comebacks in as many years for the best football club in the world. Immense.
"Shit did you see Gerrard score that goal in the FA Cup final, that was AAAAAMMMMMAAAAAZZZZZIIIIINNNNNGGGGG"

"Hahahaha chelsea are shit and they will lose the premiership next season because there is only one Steven Gerrard in the premiership"
作者 RJJ 2006年7月09日
To impact a soccer game in such a way that u by yourself orchestrated a massive comeback for ur team after being a few goals down.
Dude 1: I produce a steven gerrard during today's football match.

Dude 2: Yeah, ur team was like 2 goals down and suddenly u scored 1 and set up the other 2 goals. Congrats, man.
作者 anon5555 2009年10月07日
A cheating, diving cunt of a footballer who plays for Liverpool and England but should be in prison for the violent assualt of Marcus McGee in a Southport nightclub.
"Is there a bigger cunt in world football than Steven Gerrard?"

"I doubt it."
作者 sooner_gooner 2009年8月16日
the most intolerable sports personality i have ever laid eyes on. i get depressed whenever i hear him talk. he dives almost every match to get a penalty or a free kick, then he complains when someone else dives against his team. A.K.A depressing, untalented, scouse, twat with no obvious personality.
there goes Steven Gerrard, diving to win yet another penalty.

one of these days he will dive and break his neck, just you wait and see.
作者 chelsea boy 2007年11月21日
Once famed captain of Liverpool FC who saw his team lift the UEFA Cup and a chance to enter the Champions League. Now plans to leave Anfield, much to the anger of loyal Liverpool fans.

Clubs are currently asking for his services, inclucing Chelsea, Real Madrid, and AC Milan.

Mocked by fans of Chelsea for scoring own goal in Carling Cup. Chelsea wins Carling Cup.
Chelsea fans in Cardiff during Carling Cup: One Stevie Gerrard...
作者 anon y mouse 2005年7月05日
Yet another overrated footballer, at least within these shores, for the all familar trait of being English.

He leads the hypocrisy brigade when it comes to the notions of all other footballers, especially foreign ones (i.e. Christiano Ronaldo) are cheats, yet he dived in the 2004 Champions' League Final, and does it regular for his club, Liverpool. Just ask fans of Sheffield United from the opening day of this season, or how about for England duty against Hungary before the World Cup. Of course, as he's English and white, it's "clever" play, unlike when someone like didier Drogba does it.

He also seems to fit into David Beckham's place on the right side of midfield for England very well - he constantly exposes the defence by going on runs up the field or cutting inside in search of his own personal glory, so everyone else has to cover for his ego. Just like he fits into Michael Owen's place at Liverpool due to winning penalties more often than any other player.
Steven Gerrard is the world's best midfielder (apart from the likes of Pirlo or Gattuso, who are World Class, not just players that look good against West Brom and Sunderland).
作者 OD Smith 2006年10月10日


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