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A term used by stoners to elaborate to their friends how much more fucked up they're going to get off their new weed.
Tony we're going to get so much more stonder off this weed
#stone #stoned #ripped #fucked up #or baked
作者 Jeff Hodge 2007年1月08日
-One small step for mankind, one extra step for conners of all kind.
-potheads who are stoned have an urge to get even more stoned, or "stonder".
I'm gonna have to get stonder before we put that next ep of Heroes on.
#more stoned #more stoned than you actually are #so stoned that you think you're in the middle of a temporal time loop #wasted #screwed #someone passes you the cone and says have another one
作者 Thaddy-b-baddy 2007年10月21日
the need to smoke more marijuana
pass that blunt i need to get stonder
作者 exile 2005年2月28日
someone that smokes ALOT more than others.
girl you stonder than stonded.
作者 lil'weedy 2005年2月16日


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