It's when you tit fuck a girl, then cum on her face, and last punch her in the nose until she bleeds. so she then looks like the cartoon character, Strawberry Shortcake: pale face, red nose.
hey, your sister is so fucked up, she wanted a strawberry shortcake for dessert.
#strawberry shortcake #cum #titty fuck #bloody nose #dessert
作者 NiNjaKaDuB 2011年6月02日
When two people (usually lesbian) are engaging in sexual activity, one will shove a twinky up the other's vagina while she is on her period. Then they both eat it, thus creating a Strawberry Shortcake.
Kelly: Last night me and Joanne had a Strawberry Shortcake...

John: Oh God thats nasty!
#vagina #twinky #lesbian #porn #sex
作者 spudoo123546 2011年3月22日
people (females mainly) who focus on negativity so much they don't focus on getting there money.(can be used as not focusing period)
April should stop being a strawberry shortcake and focusing on drama and pay her rent
#minaj #nicki #nicktionary #strawberry #short #cake #shortcake #money #focus
作者 MI88YRISSAPOOH 2009年8月18日
when having anal sex, then telling your partner to turn around and punching her in the face while cumming in her mouth.
i fucking strawberry short caked that bitch last night!
作者 David 2004年5月17日
Is when you ejaculate in a womans face, then puch her in nose. The mixture of blood and sperm resembles the characteristics of a straw berry short cake
I gave Jill a strawberry short cake last night and she loved it. Crazy bitch!
#straw #strawberry #punch #bloody nose #cake
作者 Stefan Deligiannis 2009年1月03日
when a guy ejaculates in a girls pussy while shes on her period and stirs it around with his dick and then eats her out
when my gf sed lets make a strawberry shortcake i though it was gonna b a real one.but she dropped her pantys and she was on her period.then she sed.get to it!
#vagina #period #pussy #dick #strawaberry shortcake
作者 Chris Madsen 2006年10月28日
having sex with a female while she is on her period. and blowing ur load inside. Comes out red and white.
guy: Lauri was on her period, so i decided to go for the strawberry shortcake.
#period #jizz #angry dragon #strawberry #shortcake
作者 cwhin 2006年7月29日


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