to have sweed is to, do things your own way, or can also be used to replace the word swagg.
Guy gets a 100 on a test and he yells " OHH SWEED!!"
作者 Scbble 2011年10月03日
an overly large head upon ones shoulders
have you seen the sweed on that jimmy hill, I'll bet his mother needed more than stitches after squeezin that out
作者 forenzic 2004年9月14日
When things are positive and are looking good. Comes from the word sweet.
Lad tonight was so swEED!
作者 Theshmib 2009年5月20日
A type of goggles that have no padding, and are only meant to go around your eye. Not the socket. They tend to be cheeper than other types of goggles, and they're well streamlined.
Mark: Hey man, check this out! Jordan's wearing sweeds!!
Lauren: Oh my gosh, how can he stand them? It feels like they're popping my eyes out when I wear a pair!
Mark: Jordan says that after a month or so, you don't feel anything at all.
作者 KabamVanz 2010年11月21日
1. A term used to describe a gay or dumb person.

2. Also often used to describe a cool(or friendly) person.
Hansey: " Hah! Look at that asshole! "

Makroni: " Yeah! Hes a fucking sweed!"

Jonas: " Hey! Look at that sweed! He is one hell of a guy!"

Kokjen: " Ye, he loves dick and stuff."
作者 Sut3kh 2009年7月01日
weed seeds the seeds that are found in tha bud of a femail weed plant that are not smoked
i planted some of my sweeds and sucked on the rest
作者 will 2004年8月11日
slang for weed, marijuana, reefer, etc
used when trying to sound "low key"
In crowded supermarket you ask your friend:
"Yo man got sweed?"
"Yea let's step out."
You two go out to the parking lot and smoke a j and no one knows what you are talking about. Proven to work. Win win situation.
作者 Antwan1500 2009年9月10日



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