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Things Are Really Fucked Up
作者 Karsoe 2003年3月01日
Acronym for "Things are really fucked up"
Should be the second highest of the four-
Things went from snafu to tarfu. Typical.
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作者 TimChampion 2008年3月04日
Things are really fucked up. It falls somewhere between S.N.A.F.U and F.U.B.A.R.
It looks like T.A.R.F.U. in Iraq for a while.
作者 lostdawg 2005年9月06日
Also stands for "Totally And Royally Fucked Up"
In the 1944 U.S. Army animated short The Three Brothers,a character named Fubar is a brother of Private Snafu (Situation Normal, All Fucked Up) and Tarfu (Things Are Really Fucked Up, or Totally and Royally Fucked Up)
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作者 jjake47 2010年9月09日
Things Are Really Fucked Up

See Also: fubar,snafu,bohica
Yesterday the fax was fubar, but man what a tarfu we have today...
作者 Byteme97 2003年10月13日


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