Touch My Intestine.

Self explanatory; can be used to throw people off guard in conversations and will bring instant humour/worry at the thought of you wanting to touch their intestine.
Becky: HAHA TMI!
Kieran: Tickling my insides?
Becky: No, touch my intestine!!

Kieran: WTF.
作者 Kierantmi 2010年7月27日
Too much information.
TMI exhibit A: "Katherine M. is pooping!!!"
作者 Zachary K. 2008年11月05日
tmi is when someone says something you didn't need or want to know:

1. freakin wierd
2. unneccesary
Max:I jiz blood
Cleetus: TMI!
作者 Bk 2005年4月19日
an abbreviation of Totally My Idea
"The senior prank was tmi" said Ozzy.
作者 MegsROZ 2009年5月14日
Stand for "Totally Masturbatable Information" thereby turning your embarassing moment into a much satisfying one.
Sam "Hey Joe, I think I have some feces on the back of ma pants."

Joe "TMI, man"

Sam "You sick fuck...wanna eat it off my rock hard bubble butt"

作者 Captain Duder 2009年1月16日
abreviation of to much information
omg look at her thats wayyyyy TMI
作者 sweetsuga17 2006年8月04日



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