Tiny Oriental Crips. The most ruthless Asian gang in San Diego. Located in a part of San Diego called Linda Vista. Consisted of Laotians and other Asian Races. Rivals are the Asian Crip Boys(ACB) of Mira Mesa and the oriental boy soldiers(OBS) of east side San Diego.
Fuck those Asian crip ass cracks, westside 201503 T.O.C. gang #1!
#crip #crips #toc #t.o.c #oriental
作者 daygofied 2007年3月31日
Top Definition
TOC stands for the tournament of champions in policy debate. It is the most prestigious tournament in high school debate and only badassez can go.
OMG ROSS GORDON went to the toc
#ross gordon #policy debate #debate #tournament of champions #t.o.c.
作者 ChickMagnetDragonSlayerLK 2009年7月08日
An abbreviation for the sexual act in which a man (or woman) places their tongue on another woman's clitoris. TOC usually occurs pre-coitus and is commonly referred to as 'third base'. TOC is an extremely fulfilling activity and should be the primary objective of every mans day to day life.
'Sup bro? I got crazy TOC with Beth last night!'
#cunnilingus #growling #tongue-bashing #licking #pussyeater
作者 KingofTOC 2014年4月04日
Acronym for "Tits on command" aka internet porn.
Michael: Dude i just found this great video online
Emmett: TOC?
Michael: Yup
Emmett: Sweet send it to me.
#porn #lots of porn #hardcore porn #acronym #wewt
作者 Michaelll Nnn 2008年6月03日
Thugged Out Crip

A loCal Crip Clique STraighT from Tha SouTh Side of O-CiTy, Oklahoma. Colorz are bKlaCC and bKlue. Aligned wiTh all loCal Neighbkorhood Crip SeTz and alliez wiTh The loCal Surenoz. Main enemiez are 456 pkiru, 107 hkoover Crip, and x4/14 norTenoz.
PuT some 6lood on tha line and show me you down for dat T.O.C. Cuzz.
#bk #toc #t.o.c. #crip #thuggo #thugged out #nhc #slob #okc #oklahoma city
作者 OzOn3-LOC 2008年5月01日
Tiny Oriental Crips the most well known Asian Gang in San Diego. They reside in the neighborhood called Linda Vista or LV for short terms. There long term sworn enemies for life is OBS (oriental boy soldiers) and AC (asian crips)
Fucc a ass cracc cuhz and fucc then obs bKitChez shit ain't nuttin to a bKosz 20x15x03 on minez TOC gang 1
#toc #tiny oriental crips #asian gang #linda vista #san diego
作者 J-Dogg858 2009年4月08日
stands for tea or coffee.
used when you can't decide which to have and so leave the decision to the person making it.
"can you make me some toc please?"
#pretties #e-tea #lems #kesh #kangra #toc
作者 Amylase II 2008年6月10日


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