A word for people too retarded to spell out retard.
Shut up dumby tard.
作者 ass 2003年3月27日
Someone who does something stupid for the first time. (Somebody who does something stupid a second time is a retard).
Why did you pick the Cubs to win the World Series last year, you tard? Why did you pick the Cubs to win the World Series this year, you retard? -See the difference?
作者 Ikifov 2006年2月23日
also may be appended to another word to further define one's shortcomings or - in extreme cases - affliction.
"That roller-tard nearly ran me over with his wheelchair."
作者 kevin harris 2005年3月18日
shortened version of "retard"; a stupid person
Look at that tard triping over himself.
作者 holmes 2002年12月04日
Short form for retard. Like 're' but the back end.
"I hate you, you are such a tard!"
作者 ogga booga 2005年2月19日
Object of free sexual gratification.
Ex: Dude, we took turns wailing on that 'tard, man! Leroy even gave her a dirty sanchez! w00t!
作者 Anonymous 2003年2月25日
It means retard, it was shortened in an effort to sound like turd, meaning they are both closely related.
Stop eating all the tostitos you 'tard!
作者 Teh RLLLYness 2005年12月29日


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