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A geographical area in New York City that includes the area starting from Houston Street up to 14th Street, and from about 1st Avenue/2nd Avenue to about Avenue B. A popular place to go to during Halloween for the parade.
"Dude, the only place you'll find leather pants that'll fit would be to go down to the Village..."
作者 Timbal 2004年4月03日
another name for apart of NYC, Manhattan called Greenwich Village... a highly overpriced area, where back in the 50's and 60's lots of struggling artist lived, now only rich yuppie walk the streets
"Let's go the village... to get riped off."
作者 Stan 2005年2月23日
The Villges, FL consists of part of a large 55+ retirement community and Community Development District (CDD) that includes parts of Lake, Marion, and Sumter counties, with some of the Lake County portion being under the jurisdiction of Lady Lake. It lies in central Florida, approximately 20 miles south of Ocala and approximately 45 miles northwest of Orlando. It is the center of The Villages Micropolitan Statistical Area (USA), which consists of all of Sumter County. The Villages earned the No. 1 ranking as the fastest growing micropolitan area in the United States according to a 2008 Census Bureau report.

The STD Capital of the World.
What makes The Villages “Florida’s Friendliest Hometown?”
作者 Chloe69 2009年1月17日
A place where jealousy takes place. Where rumors are spread and the craziest stuff happens.. Where VD spreads like wildfire..
Last night was so crazy I thought I was at the village.
作者 Smiley2345 2010年6月22日
Lake George Village
"The Village" kids like to call it nowadays make it sound like its the place to be on Thursday nights. Teens ages 12-21 take at least three hours to prepare them selves, and while doing so take scandalous pictures and post them all over Facebook. Hudson Falls kids, mostly, get hammered and when the morning comes they don't know where they are or how they got there. 90% of the Queensbury student population go there regularly, and is almost impossible to go there and not see someone you know. When each person go home, they have at least one friend request on Facebook. Its the place to be if you want an STD. Oh and dont worry you will get your butt slapped for sure. Have a safe summer.
~D00d, d!d u 3nd ^ goin to the "The village." last nit3??

~i think s00, if i culd only remember where my pants wentt.

~yeah but you were so drunk. haha. BEST SUMMER EVER!

~ WAIT DO YOU KNOW WHT HAPPEND TO MY FOOT. UGHH, hurtt so bad. so b a d!
作者 dgaflhgfheg 2011年8月18日
A place in eastern Nova Scotia where it is unknown because of the fact it is so distant and multiply modes of transportation can be needed. It is also a discriminatory place. If you are not white and christian, it is recommended you stay in your car/boat. The tolerance for African-Canadians is a bit higher than the tolerance for everything else but its still recommended you stay in your vehicle. The Village is also semi-impervious to authority, because of the fact it is so far away.

The village also supports a unique environment where, most of the time (93.56%), its cold enough for snow to fall rapidly and heavily, yet it will not stay on the ground. this kind of odd weather is perfect for so-called mythological animals. Ex. pixies, unicorns, Jesus, gargoyles, flying pigs (the main local source of food) loch ness monster, ect.

The Village is also a big fishing community. Anyone who can fish, does. but that makes only half of the Village fishers because of the fact that all villagers are old besides myself.
Girl: So here do you live?
Guy: The Village
Girl: Are you serious? I've always wanted to go there but never had enough money for gas and boat rentals. do you think I could down and you could show me around?
Guy(thinking): it'll defiantly be an over night trip.
Guy: Anytime.

Later That Day, It Was Said There Was Rocking Love Making.


Officer 1: We got a call to the village for multiple murders.
Officer 2: Write up a fake report. I'm not headin' down there.
Officer 1: I hear ya.
作者 Nova_404 2011年1月09日
quite possibly the worst movie ever made.
the village is 2 hours of my life that i'll never get back.
作者 mcorr 2005年9月26日


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