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When a woman has big ol' titties
Damn! Lyndsay's got some tig ol' biddies!
作者 Naggole 2006年2月22日
big titties
i love girls with tig ol biddies
作者 Joe Buccheri 2004年3月14日
A term used to describe mammoth-like titties. Also a term to describe an intriguingly hot woman with massive titties.
Yo man, after she gave me a blow job, I strait up jizzed on her tig ol biddies!
作者 Bryan Steven Johnson 2007年3月24日
a way to say big ol' titties w/o having every person around you think you're a perv
"Damn, that chick's got some tigolbiddies!"
作者 FelixGuerrero 2009年4月01日
A huge set of boobs
She has some tig ol' biddies.
作者 dumbass bitch 2014年12月29日
breasts that are usually found on trans-gendered men.
Look who's back in da mutha fuckin house wit two big tig ol' biddies for yo mouth!
作者 nate 2004年2月19日


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