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A fairly unusual Scandinavian name, unisex, although most commonly a female name. pronounced Thou-véh, has its roots in Scandinavian mythology, from the God of thunder, Thor.
-hello whats your name?
- Tove.
-You're very beautiful. Are you Swedish?
- Yes.
作者 Tove 2006年7月24日
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Mentioned in the poem Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll, a tove is part badger, part lizard and part corkscrew. It nests under sundials and eats cheese.
Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe
作者 Nanol 2004年5月23日

As a name, Tove is the Scandinavian form of the Old Norse name "Tófa" so it certainly has long roots in the Nordic region! "Tófa" itself was derived from the Norse words for "Beautiful Thor" where Thor was the word for thunder but also the name of the Norse god of strength, thunder and war. I certainly think "beautiful thunder" has a certain ring to it and can think of one or two young ladies that I have met that can go from beautiful to thunder in a moment!

Tove is also a name which has huge resonance for all Finns since it is the first name of probably our most famous author, Tove Jansson. Her most famous literary creations were the Moomins who have achieved worldwide fame but she was also responsible for many other books and works of art. I absolute adore the Moomins and even now like to think I have some similarities to the character Little My!
I'm going to the mall with Tove. Give her a call to see if she can pick you up.
作者 Pedersen1 2010年2月06日
When something is defined as 'Over the top' the letters are switched round to make 'Tover the op'
Over the top: Tover the op
作者 Bohn Jullock 2011年5月16日
The male phallus or 'member'. A philosophical term used by philosophers and great thinkers worldwide.

Also a particularly veiny shaft.
'Aristotle, that is a mighty tove you've got there.'
作者 Henry Seal 2008年3月22日
To be raped, and subsequently write a gripping fable of revenge and retaliation in an attempt to not look like such a pussy on an internet chat board.
Tove was toved.
作者 BibleThumper 2003年10月05日
To be a boy 17 years of age drugged and raped by a doctor in a mental institution.
Bob will tove Billy.
作者 Anonymite 2003年10月04日



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