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Great band from Chicago, IL.
I saw Tub Ring last night, they kicked ass.
作者 moosemaster 2003年8月06日
The funniest on stage performance you will ever see.Chicago Il
"Tears came out because it hurt to laugh anymore"
作者 Haryazz 2003年12月10日
the band that everyone wants to be like.
"i wish my band was as cool as tub ring"
作者 bob 2003年8月18日
what DUMB ASS people call "tub ring"
"ThE Boyz in tubring are sooo fine!!11 i wana do'z them all!! tubring, please come play in my hometown!!"
作者 bob the fucking gob 2004年10月11日
Some some 15 year old band noone has ever herd of with a stupid name, spelled wrong to piss off some little girl who goes by the name bob even if thats not her name.
Gee the singer of tubring is short
作者 CPF 2005年3月03日


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