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In reference to the controversial hip hop dance motion, twerking (when one positions their back side to be the most prominant body part by squatting and arching the back, then quickly manipulating the hip joint repetatively causing the butt to shake quickly) TWERKED is the verb reference when someone who is twerking approaches another individual and directs their buttox up to the person and begins to twerk. The individual facing the dancers backside is then "being twerked".
"Dude, this hot chick came up to me on the dance floor and twerked me, then her boyfriend came and jacked me! I was just minding my business and SHE came and twerked ME - not my fault!"
#twerk #twerking #twerked #butt shake dance #hip-hop dance
作者 Aint Nobody Got Time For Dat 2014年3月07日
high out of your fucking mind.
Dude i'm so twerked.
#twerked #twerkd #twerks #twerking #twerk
作者 twerkin er day 2011年7月02日


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