aka the best stuff ever
Fact: If you do yeyo you will become cooler, have lots of friends, have fun all the time, and never go bankrupt, get arrested, become painfully adicted, lose everyone you love, or die!

Sally: how did you ge so cool Frank?
Frank: i move lots of yeyo, and i snort it too
Sally: wow i wanna be like you
Frank: shut the fuck up you're a dumb bitch and you aren't a good enough person to slang ye, go to hell whore
作者 BEZ bitch 2008年1月10日
Misspelling of "llelo," the ghetto spanish term for crack.

pro-nun-see-A-shun: yeh'yo
作者 Anonymous 2003年10月06日
slang for crack cocaine
you wanna go smoke a lil' yeyo?
作者 wickedmonkey 2003年9月16日
Cuban slang referring to cocaine. Most likely derived from the Spanish word "Hielo" which means snow.
You got the dinero I got the yeyo!
作者 mrmontie 2007年11月08日
It is Colombia's national product; cocaine
And for all yall dummies quoting SCARFACE, get it right. He says:

Chi Chi, Chi Chi... get the yeyo...
作者 JayJaySmoothe 2005年12月19日
spanish for cocaine
Rush rush, got the yeyo?
Buzz buzz, gimme yeyo
Rush rush, got the yeyo? Uh oh
Yo yo, no no yeyo, uh oh
作者 sTeALtH 2003年11月17日
slang for crack
hey whittie lay off the yeyo or hook it up!!!
作者 MARY 2004年5月12日



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