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A person who spends an inordinate amount of his or her resources on trivial things, such as the computer game "Everquest"
Nigel Anderson is an addict.
作者 Dennis Adams 2004年5月25日
one who cant get enuf of something.
my hand hurts, but i cant keep from jacking off.
作者 ohtay 2004年7月26日
Someone who is obsessed with something. They would do almost anything to get at whatever they are addicted to. It can be very unhealthy and become extremely serious.
Bob: hey you've been on the computer for quite a while. Maybe it's time to give it a break?

Cassie: NO WAY. I'm on facebook, can't you see I'm extremely busy creeping on people?!

Bob: OK Cassie, I didn't want to do this but were going to have to have an intervention. The first step is admitting you have a problem and that is: you are a facebook addict.
#addicted #addict #adict #abit #alcaholic
作者 Jane Misster 2009年8月14日
One who's personality takes control of his/her life
Addict doesnt do things by half...
作者 addict 2003年6月11日
see "mavispoo"
作者 Dev-Null 2003年3月27日
The word AddiCT is accidentally discovered acronym for
Developemnt &
Innovation in
I am a Web AddiCT. I accidentally discovered this acronym when creating a URL rewrite for a category in my blog.
#web #design #development #innovation #cape town
作者 Rafiq 2006年1月07日
a person whose desire for something is obsessive and abusive in nature
Bill is such an addict, all he does is get high and drunk.
作者 Cheaper2keepher 2016年4月04日


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