an abbreviation for alcohol or alcoholic
person 1: back the fuck off you alco!
alco: no you aren't
作者 some girl 2004年8月18日
Top Definition
abbreviation for an alcoholic, usually used jokingly not as in actual medical condition
"That's his third bottle of vodka tonight...fucking alco."
作者 itsmadeline 2005年9月16日
Alcuin bar at York Uni. No one goes, but it's full of alchos.
作者 Anonymous 2003年10月18日
A term used to discribe something in style or cool. Can be used in any way possible, to discribe someone or something, to indicate how fun something was or just because it sounds cool.
"damn man that sounds Alco". "dude did you see that boardslide? That shit was Alco".
作者 Chroniczz 2010年9月29日
simply it's just an abbreviation for alcohol
作者 funky squnky 2003年6月12日


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