A very rude guy who thinks his robot has "robot swag" when actually it doesn't.
作者 robotswag 2011年3月16日
Andrew A complete dick who all girls avoid like the plague. He is a massive cock and some girls feel physically sick in his presence Is lazy and stinks to high heaven.
He's such an Andrew.
作者 Devilmaycare 2011年1月20日
no eyebrows
none cuz everything has eyebrows except andrew.
作者 Jack Bessell 2010年9月14日
a small Asian looking boy with no eyes, fairly said to be mole like and secluded, exercise is unknown by him and he love his playstation 3
Me"omg andrew has no eyes"
other guy" i know i wonder how he plays the ps3??"
作者 you,know,what,is,what 2010年11月25日
An Andrew is something that is very tall or giant and also used as a term for "Dinosaur".
Person 1: Whoa, that building is such an Andrew!!
Person 2: Whoa, dude you're right!!
作者 DINOSAUR1234XD 2010年4月08日
gay and extremely retarded person from philly
hey bro that guy is so andrew
i know right?
作者 henry12116 2011年1月24日
a pimply , diabetic asshole that ditches people for underage pussy
"hey man do you want to hangout with that guy tonight? nah he is being an Andrew "
作者 the AAmazing P 2010年4月25日


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