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Shortened form of 'application.' Popularized by Apple Computers Inc. with the introduction of the iPhone. Mainly implemented because the majority of the Apple userbase is too retarded to even be able to use two mouse buttons, let alone pronounce a four syllable word.
Starbucks drinker: "I just downloaded this great app for my phone. It's called Super Monkey Ball! This is exactly why I love the iPhone!"

Starbucks employee: "I made the cream in your coffee."
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作者 Rozone 2009年1月09日
Shortened form for appetizers
Let's get some apps and drinks!
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作者 BK82 2008年2月29日
application... computer software program
man that app rox my new os.. whew..!
作者 klok 2005年9月20日
software applications, warez
"Very nice apps. Gonna download it now."
作者 vdv 2003年9月19日
Abbreviated form of "application", a type of software program that typically interacts with the end user, such as a calender program or a chat program. Applications differ from lower-level software programs such as device drivers which are mostly invisible to the user.

Since the late-2000s, the term "app" has been bastardized by Apple and other Apple wannabes to specifically mean a software program that you can buy at the "App Store" or variations thereof. In fact "applications" have been freely available online since the advent of the Internet and this concept is completely foreign to the majority of "app" buyers.
Jimmy: "check out this social app I bought from the app store yesterday!"

Jason: *smacks Jimmy's iPhone out of his hands*, "I do the same thing, for free, from this program called a web browser"
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作者 shgr 2011年12月25日
Apps (or app/ application) is programs/games most likely being downloaded to a smartphone, computer or iPad.

When you first have downloaded an app - there is no way back, you will get a strange love relation to apps like "Angry Bird" and other games/programs. Your phone bill will explode and ruin your whole life.
"DUDE! Look i have just downloaded this app - Angry Birds on my new iPhone"

-OH GOD! You are all ready lost.

"say what?"


"Hey dude! Have you seen my Facebook profile today? My new pic's - I'm using my app called Retro Camera. I FUCKING LOVE MY Apps"

Yeah, you have posted like 30 pictures today. Ten of your dog. You have a serious addiction man!

"Wtf!? Tits or gtfo noob"
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作者 ungchriss 2011年1月31日
Little square things we download and never really use.
"OMG, I was really addicted to that app! I've played with it for like three times!"
#apps #smartphone #apple #android #ios #blackberry #nokia #samsung #fanboy
作者 alexmartins 2013年9月11日


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