To have ones hat on ones ass. The ass is not the most common area to place ones hat. Hence the implication that to have ones hat on ones ass is just plain stupid. Often used when drunk to refer to someone who has just broken a pinki promise.
"You sir are an asshat" "Tom come back here, quit being an asshat" "I'm sorry I was an asshat"
#hat #ass #asshat #drunk #cap #bum
作者 Kurt (biscuits) Russell 2014年12月09日
plural form of ass hat
that is one big group of ass hats!
作者 popcultureicon 2005年3月23日
A complete and utter moron. A dumbass or idiot. A individual with a very low IQ. A person(s) with nothing to offer in a legitimate conversation.
If speaking randomly and out of context was a sport,,, you would take the cake asshat.
Or; thank for wasting my time that I can never get back, you f@cking asshat!
#hindrance #annoying #bothersome #fucktard #jackass #dumb #distraction #non~productive
作者 Reno/flex 2015年2月21日
Someone who is so frustrating to be around, through their own speech, actions, or general attitude, that you wish to punch them in their face so hard it will swing around and lodge itself into their own anus. Thus becoming a hat.
That guy wearing the cow suit? He's an asshat.
#asshole #assclown #assface #asshead #woman
作者 XDAS 2011年1月19日
A contemptible person


asshattery (noun)

asshattedly, asshatted (adjective)
asshats (plural)
My supervisor is an asshat - I resent being his subordinate.
#ass hat #ass-hat #asshattery #asshattedly jerk #jackass #butthead #butt head #dumbass #doofus
作者 RK5000 2010年4月14日
(ass; hat) -noun

1. A person who makes a fool of, or embarrasses his or herself.
2. an idiot or fool.
That guy is such an asshat!
#idiot #fool #stupid #clown #dumbass
作者 Dr. Mjolner 2010年2月03日
noun- (asshat) 1: A person full of shit, derived from the phrase "go shit in your hat"; A person who continually behaves in such a fashion that makes those around him decide that he has his head firmly wedged in his ass.

2: A person convinced that being an ass makes them automatically the expert on a given topic.

3: A person who assumes the truth from the details provided within their own ass, or pulled from therein.
"I'd ask Fred for help, but he's always such an asshat about it"
#dumbass #shithead #idiot #ass #assmunch #douchenozzle
作者 Prom&Lusus 2009年4月22日


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