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1. One who is incredibly ugly.
2. One who is constantly talking shit.
3. One who has shit for brains.
Lennox Lewis talked shit about Klitschko after almost being beaten like the bitch he is: therefore Lennox Lewis is an asshead.
作者 fidel 2003年8月14日
one who acts like an idiot,A moron,a stupid person.
Oh my gosh, you are such an asshead!!!!
作者 marcy haase 2006年8月21日
When someone with a fat head, the type that has folds, has a very short or shaved type haircut, making their head look like a sideways ass.
His head is to fat for that haircut, he has an asshead.
作者 Coco Loco 2006年6月11日
An American businessman, so named for the habit of bending over backwards and inserting their crania into their anal orifices.
Once Jack was promoted he got to be a true asshead, even though he already knew the moves.
作者 Jacques Asse 2009年2月05日
1. When you've been in bed too long, you get bedhead. When you've had your head up your ass for too long, you get asshead.
Even after I tried to have that asshead committed to the mental ward, he thought we could still work it out.
作者 MaryMargaret 2008年7月10日
one that act like an ass!
Tom is an ass head for fucking you mom!
作者 Brush Oaky 2007年5月17日
a person who is ugly/stupid
"hey tim, look at that ass-head!"
作者 americanleg 2008年3月21日


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