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the only word with three s's in succession; a redundancy used to signify feces.
I just got back from the bathroom and a whole mess of assshit fell out.
作者 Tommy Wommy Womsters 2003年5月22日
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an unfortunate series of events
Man, my day was ass shit.
作者 mattlawton11 2009年5月28日
some one who is ignorant; they know what the pweson means, but just act stupid towards the situation
Man you know what I'm talkin bout,fuckin ass shit!
作者 Nsdrumma2004 2004年9月08日
To be cool; awesome

A noun--fecal matter from a pooper.
That is so ass shit!

Hey, who's ass shit is that?
作者 Keens 2004年2月13日
Apparently cool, replaces cool
"Those comic books are the ass shit"
作者 Rissi Davis 2008年5月25日
shit out of the asshole smells worse than regular shit its ass-shit
"aw what is that smell"

"smells like ass-shit"

or instead of "ur full of bullshit" u could say "ur full of ass-shit"

作者 Wej-crew 2008年8月01日
1 - stronger way to say bullshit
2 - moving the hyphen to change the emphasized syllable and make your statement more humorous/awkward
1- "That's some ass-shit!"
2- after smoking some great herb you say "That was some good ASS-SHIT" instead of "That was some good-ass shit"
作者 sandalhat 2009年1月30日



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