My dad
My dad is awesome.
作者 Alwaystired01 2015年6月16日
The word almost everyone has used once in their lifetime.
James: Hey, you're awesome!
Yasmine: You're awesome too!
作者 Lilythecuteone 2015年4月24日
You say this a lot when you are either high or American.

This word means that something is the shit.
Guy 2: Dude he just had a stroke.
作者 Senpai Cat 2015年3月29日
extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear.
Awesome job, said the teacher.
作者 tsuretette ageru 2014年11月10日
Dinosaurs are Awesome!
作者 The Sayer_I say things 2014年10月09日
Term used to denote someone totally fantastic and generous - puts others before themselves.

See also: bringer of wine
She was an awesome girl, she'd gladly pop to Sainsbury's and pick you up a nice bottle of red when you're tired.
作者 Rbputt 2014年6月19日
Most amazing, awesome, spectacular name in history. In pig Latin it means 'swag to the max' it also means 'dem titties tho'. Overall it is the most awesemazing word in the whole wide world.
"That person is so bleackley." Or "man those bleackleys are nice"." those bleackleys are awesome."
作者 Nob gobbler 2014年5月10日



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