Awesome is awesome and it's the only awesome there is. No other word is allowed to be used when describing something that is awesome.

Nouns are excepted.
Dude 1. This night is going to be boss!
Dude 2. What?
Dude 1. Boss = Incredibly awesome!
Dude 2. No! if you mean Incredibly awesome, you say incredibly awesome, or just awesome!
作者 th7th 2009年11月09日
Someone or something that is really, really cool.
My friend Midna is awesome!
作者 Pweegue 2009年8月11日
beyond fun and being great
Did you see what Awilda did, she is so awesome!
作者 mm11123 2009年8月04日
When something is cool and its amazing!
This house is AWESOME!
作者 Trolololol! 2016年2月02日
Inspiring awe or exceeding expectations.
Imagine a baby that's not even born yet and is already blogging. That's awesome! The 'baby' at is awesome!
作者 fandom1 2009年11月04日
When items or person's are awesome in pairs.
those twins are awesomes, or
her boobs are awesomes.
作者 stickyballs 2009年4月11日


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