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Reference to a female's butt when she's got a fine, ample behind (when a girl's got 'back').
"Dat gal had one fine back off!"
作者 CS 2004年1月08日
Term used to describe a gurls batty. Word can be used to describe a gurl with an oversized backoff or a gurl with no backoff what so ever. Consequently, it is used by bre's to describe gurls with VERY BIG battys.
"raaaah cuzzie, dat gurl has one FAT backoff!"
"Dat gurl has one big off backoff init!
"llow it, dat gurl aint got no backoff u nah!"
作者 *choong ting*a.k.a baby backoff 2006年10月25日
is a gyal with a nice bum
"That girl has a nice backoff"
作者 Kid-P.I.M.P 2006年5月27日
To be told to mind your own business or to stop doing something.
Person 1: "So I heard that Person told Person that he was in love with her."
Person 2: "O to the m to the g! Are you serious?!"
Person 3 (who was eavesdropping): "Ya! i heard that too!"
Person 1: "Back off dude! Stop listening to our conversations!"
作者 tomatoesforcharity 2012年6月18日
massive ass that stands out.
"that girls got a massive ass!"
"ennit - she has got backoff"
作者 Jorgah-Paige Danika Louise. 2008年10月20日
To tell a hoe bag to get away from you or to tell someone to get out of your face.
That pussy ass bitch got in my face the other day and i told him to back off or I'll bang his girl
作者 Militia Army 2010年9月01日
a command to stop intimidating or teasing someone
back off, bitch !
作者 William Warney 2014年12月09日


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