Bitch Ass Ho
Man, Sheniqua is one BAH
作者 east sidaz 2003年10月13日
belongs to DmaN
bah is my word, not yours nicole
作者 Mike 2003年9月23日
Bomb Ass Head. Oral sex that is so great it leaves you dazed. Head that puts you to sleep or leaves you walking with a limp.
Girl she gave me B.A.H. had my ass stuck... I was low key seeing stars
作者 Jamyrabomb 2015年9月24日
An expression of shock or disbelief at something someone has said. Usually used in Instant Messaging conversations.
John: Why don't you come over to my house for a movie?

Mary: Will it be okay if i just wear my PJs?

John: Bah.
作者 tromanski 2014年8月18日


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