1) a famouse pro skater who has his own show.
2) a brand of skateboarding stuff.
3)An exclamation to express ones emotions.
1) Im gona watch viva la bam.
2) I got this new bam board and its totally awesome.
3) so I sneake up to him and BAM! right there.
作者 Nelly masta 2004年4月30日
And the dirt is gone!
BAM! and the dirt is gone!
作者 jjkds 2010年6月19日
A word used to highlight, or show appreciation for, an awesome shutdown.
G-Unit: Ha Ha get a load of that arse (points at some fat random)
Siggy: yeah... like you can talk
Jess: bam!
作者 guesssss.... 2005年5月30日
A sweat word to help peer pressure your friends
Ben, do it! BAM!
作者 A$$ grabber 2011年4月04日
A "Black And Mild" Cigar Abbreviated To "Bam"
Dude I Got A Bam
Lets Smoke That Mufuckaa
作者 macfjetland 2010年5月27日
An adjective used to describe an attractive girl.
"Who was the blonde girl from the party last night?"

"I don't know man, but she was pretty bam."
作者 jose rayes 2010年3月10日
Abbreviation for Big Ass Meat. To have a large penis or to be well endowed.


Something that is flashy, tight, or greatly impressive
- "Wow, Marcus has some B.A.M!"

- "B.A.M... look at that!"
作者 MrMD 2010年3月09日



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