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Slang term for the vagina.
Andrew spent his summers in Maine in search of the elusive bearded clam.
作者 Seymour Merkin 2002年8月09日
Hairy snatch, vagina or pussy
Dude, pass the floss. I had me some bearded clam last night.
#pussy #vagina #twat #snatch #lips #hole
作者 Cary the B 2006年5月08日
unshaved vulva that hides the wonderous vaginal opening
Her bearded clam was closed, but I pried it open with my fingers, transferred her love juices to the head of my dick, and gently began to slip it to her.
作者 John R. 2004年1月02日
A very hairy vagina.
I had to part the Bearded Clam forest just to get to the sweet tasting flesh-cave
作者 uban pervert 2003年6月28日
slang term for a vagina, in which the female does not shave. If you choose to go down on her, you'll probably get pubic hair in your teeth.
Man, I hooked up with this hot chick the other day, but I didn't eat her out because she had a bearded clam.
作者 me 2003年3月24日
unshaven female genitals having a growth of hair
her pussy looked like a bearded clam
#female genitals #pussy #hairey cunt #unshaven pussy #hairy pubes
作者 j r lang 2008年1月04日


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