an encouraging phrase to yell to friends; cool; a sexy man
Jiiiiiim's a BEAST! Man, that's beast! OMG Britt... Kevin is such a beast (referring to the last definition)!
作者 Anonymous 2003年5月09日
Basically, Damian McMaster
wow matt you're not even close to as beast as damian.
作者 BigDick67 2014年4月14日
A beast is someone who is a tank, either extremely muscly or just fearless. willing to do anything to show alpha male dominance
you know Reece isn't he a beast
作者 The real beast 2014年3月17日
A thick built hot as hell woman.
Dam she's a beast! You think I got a shot bro?
作者 neighborhood chica 2014年3月27日
A beast is

Did you see that dude on the Olympics?
Yeah, he's a beast.
作者 The True Beast 2014年2月13日
1. (n) Person who is good at something 2. (v) act of being really good at something 3. (adj)Beastly- describing something cool or really good
1. (n) "Man, that dude is a beast at football"
2. (v) "Hey, she beasts at basketball!"
3. (adj) "That song is beastly, dude!"

作者 $$ Alex $$ 2007年6月03日
to be good at something
That boy's a beast at that basketball
作者 Jhod 2007年11月21日



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