used to say that someone is really talented or good at doing something. mostly used in Long Island, Bahamas
*makes four 3 pointers* :you are a beast"
作者 anonymous878ee 2012年8月13日
A thick built hot as hell woman.
Dam she's a beast! You think I got a shot bro?
作者 neighborhood chica 2014年3月27日
A beast is someone who is a tank, either extremely muscly or just fearless. willing to do anything to show alpha male dominance
you know Reece isn't he a beast
作者 The real beast 2014年3月17日
A beast is

Did you see that dude on the Olympics?
Yeah, he's a beast.
作者 The True Beast 2014年2月13日
Basically, Damian McMaster
wow matt you're not even close to as beast as damian.
作者 BigDick67 2014年4月14日
1. (n) Person who is good at something 2. (v) act of being really good at something 3. (adj)Beastly- describing something cool or really good
1. (n) "Man, that dude is a beast at football"
2. (v) "Hey, she beasts at basketball!"
3. (adj) "That song is beastly, dude!"

作者 $$ Alex $$ 2007年6月03日
to be good at something
That boy's a beast at that basketball
作者 Jhod 2007年11月21日


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