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what happens when idiots try to spell "bestiality".
作者 ides 2003年3月29日
when a human engages in an act of sex with an animal, usually a dog or some form of horse
the dirty slut was willing to try anything even beastality when she took a horses large cock and shoved it into her tight dirty anus
作者 horn dog 2003年1月03日
Is nothing but HOT!!!! I do it with my dog, and I once did it with a horse... god, it was sooo big!!! My friend, Mark, helped me get it aroused and helped it into me, it fucked me till he cummed and I cummed 3 times!!! Mark wants me to do it again and when I fuck Mark, he keeps thinking of me fucking the damn horse, so good.
Is sooo JUICY!!
作者 LilSlut 2004年5月31日
starting a better relationship to your horse, dog, snake, parakeet, and even a trout (trust me I've seen it!).,
作者 D.E.V.I.N. 2003年4月25日
kyle bevan commits this with his cow of a hoe
kyle you just fucked a pig
作者 kyle bevan 2003年5月14日
to force intercourse with an animal without it willing joining in.
I caught loon molesting that goat
作者 f0gg0 2003年6月17日
A sick perverted act that all who commit should die. Furries do not do this, they like anthro characters. Also see pedophile, pervert, and rapist
If I see any one comitting beastality I will kill them.
作者 Lupine Shawn 2005年1月31日


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