A girl whos vagina is similar to roast beef
Ashley Casiano is such a beef curtain
作者 SHMIZZA 2005年11月29日
It means pussy lips.
Time to start the show better spread the Beef Curtain
作者 Doug 2005年3月31日
Reference to a vagina that has very saggy lips that are comparable to beef, and curtains, hence the name beef curtains. Often occurs after a lot of sex.
A porn star likely has beef curtains.
作者 Kiwi Pomerleau 2004年6月02日
a term for a woman with a horribly morose smelling minge used in Northern Ireland
Did you go at Diane's gee last night?

Nah mate her beef curtains where crusty and smelly
作者 Roo#1 2009年1月18日
My girlfriends vagina... :(
Please dont remind me of my girlfriends nasty ass beef curtains...
作者 TheManTheyCall 2009年10月08日
a vagina that looks like a fresh, fleshy open wound. Can sometimes resemble a dogs gums.
that girl got slammed so many times, she has beef curtain.
作者 Corey-O 2007年2月02日
The saggy outer lips of a womans minge.
"Have you seen Dave's mum's beef curtains?"
"Who hasn't? They're fucking awful"
作者 God_is_american 2006年8月18日


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