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divine being
作者 bern fan 2003年9月05日
a city in Switzerland
where do you live?
Man - in Bern city
作者 wowi 2003年11月22日
The best orgasm you’ve ever had. 100% of the time given by a guy named Bern (short for Bernie) who knows how to please women in every way and is the best at everything he does. It's so intense, it makes every cell of your body hot and makes you scream with pleasure as it rolls through your body.
That Bern I had this morning was so intense, I woke up the neighbors.
#orgasm #ecstacy #pleasure #intensity #active #wow #hot
作者 livelove04 2010年2月05日
a word to describe one who dresses and acts ostensibly emo, yet exudes happiness and general holiday spirit
You are so berns right now, sitting by yourself in the dark of your living room with your hood up while drinking eggnog and listening to christmas music.
#emo #happy #christmas #holiday #cheer
作者 hohoyoyo 2009年12月26日
the last name of a sexy bitch and hoe
damn... that sexy bitch and hoes last name is Berns yo!
作者 TheL'sRSexy 2005年2月27日
Fat, obese, usually relating to a cow, often thinks it's from brooklyn.
Huge berns, wanna-be berns
#huge #obese #enormous #ogarly #fat
作者 ravinrebecca 2009年4月11日
an adjective used to describe a really awkward person.
Boy 1: Jackie brought up three of Mike's exes in front of his new girl, and told his mom about their one night stand.
Boy 2: Man, she's so bern.
#awkward #uncomfortable #unsettling #hater #shiesty
作者 Coopertjm 2011年5月30日


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