The food of the gods.
Yeah, Odin and Thor and Allah, they all cruise down to Maccy D's fo' some of the good shit.
作者 yer mum 2004年1月11日
slang for '25', as in quarter pounder.
Where's Dollar/Mark? "figure, Big Mac"
作者 Mark in the Dark 2006年2月28日
A fat person, who seems to have a goldfish memory
Nicole is such a big mac!
作者 Matthew Bennett 2005年5月10日
the often used and relevant nickname for big loser Trent Mccallen who comes from Boganville and now lives in Redfern. Probably friends with fat harry.
Trent: thats it not coachin you anymore!
Us: Shut the fuck up big mac, you fucking loser!
作者 red balls 2005年3月21日



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