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BigA - having a rather large penis which is usefull for getting really hot chicks to marry you.
Hi, my name is BigA. Will you marry me?
作者 BigBoy 2004年6月11日
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One who has never experienced the touch of a woman
That guy is Big A
作者 N. Dave 2004年2月18日
A girl with huge tits.
Damn that girl is such a biga shes got built in air bags.
作者 Kiexeo 2013年2月06日
Also known as : BIG ALI

a famous arabic / omani Rapper
wooowi BIG A rappin fast nigga

BIG A from tha eastside sta
作者 BIG Aaaa 2009年8月21日
A code word for alcohol, used mostly by teenagers for a sense of stealth.
A: Are you bringing any Big A to the park this Saturday?
J: Yeah, i have a couple bottles.
作者 buttdoctor101 2011年10月27日
AIDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.
Anne was shooting heroin and wound up with the big A.
作者 pentozali 2010年10月03日
big a or big ass is a respected lady who has an enourmous ass. her ass is so big it would take 10 minutes just to get around her.
Ed: Look there goes a chik with a big ass
Me: she is such a big A



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