1 kilo of cocaine, plural version would be "BIRDS"
ive got only about a half a bird left untill i holler at spanish jose later this evening
#bird gang #birdies #flippin birds #pidgeons #pie #cake
作者 crispy chris the barber 2007年8月19日
Penis, cock, male genitalia.
Dude, she grabbed my bird!!!
作者 Anthony Verrecchio 2003年1月10日
An adjective used to describe someone of homosexuality
Evan Abrams,a jewish boy who loves the OC and Halo, is sort of bird.
#gay #homosexual #flaming #evan #your mom
作者 From Train 2005年11月27日
fly girl, also a chickenhead
that bird know how to shake it
作者 sbritton50 2005年7月07日
Same general meaning as the term bitch meaning a woman who is a stupid whore
Kayleigh is such a bird
作者 Robert Nash 2005年2月08日
(n.)small winged creature that shits on my girlfriend's car to make her mad;
"Incoming! Ahh shit! *&!$ing bird!
作者 Chubbs 2004年4月30日
a females vagina
i wanna treat her like its thanksgiving and stuff her bird.
作者 gee money 2003年9月06日
The ability to draw like souls
I was minding my own business and then I was her Bird
作者 Derek Wohlust 2003年5月17日


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